These optical calculators provide opticians and ophthalmic professionals with real time actionable information. These tools provide information on the following:

These tools have been developed and in use since 2014 by Harry Chilinguerian and being made available as a resource for opticians and ophthalmic professionals.


  1. Top right corner contains a gear icon, this is used to calibrate the screen and images generated so that they are a true 1:1 ratio of millimeters in the real world to pixels on a screen. This will allow the professional to physically layout frames and lenses on screen for the patient or professional to have a accurate depiction of the lenses being designed.
  2. Top Left corner contains a menu icon, this is used to open the menu and access the additional calculators and resources.
  3. The bottom is where the calculated results are displayed in a footer bar to allow for consistent layout of the information, on graphical examples the graphics are presented at the top.